Caring for your engagement ring: Don’t lose the bling

The moment has finally arrived – he popped the question! Through all the excitement, tears and laughter, you probably didn’t even look at your engagement ring in those first thrilling moments. But now that it’s securely on your finger (you said yes, of course), you can’t take your eyes off it. That beautiful sparkling stone, the first page of a new chapter in your life. You never want to take it off. Especially in the first few weeks. But how do you keep that twinkling rock safe at all times? We’ve got some pointers for you.

couple's wedding ring bands

5 Tips for keeping your engagement ring safe

Whether you’re still revelling in newly engaged bliss or settled into the routine of married life, it’s important to take care of your engagement ring. No one wants to watch in horror as it disappears down the drain or feel the sinking sensation of realising it’s no longer safe on your finger. Follow our tips to make sure your bling stays safe:

Insure the bling

First things first – get your engagement ring insured. In fact, men, you can do this the moment you purchase it (better safe than sorry, right?). Not only is the ring an investment in your future together, but it’s also a financial investment. One that’s costly to replace should the unthinkable happen. Of course, no one wants to lose their engagement ring, but at least insurance provides the option of getting a replacement. Don’t forget to get your rock appraised every couple of years. The value of diamonds and precious metals increases over time.

Get your engagement ring fitted

This next one is sure to save you tears down the line – get your engagement ring resized to fit. We know. No one wants to part with their ring when they first get it. But an incorrect fit is one of the main reasons people lose their rings. If it’s even a smidgen too big, there’s a chance of it slipping off. Take it back to the jeweller straight away (okay, one engagement selfie first). It may take a couple of days, but once your bling is the correct size, there’s less chance of it disappearing off your finger.

Don’t take it off in public

The first rule of leaving the house with your engagement ring on – don’t take it off. The moment it leaves your finger you risk the chance of losing it. While it may be tempting to slip off your ring to show the girls over a champagne breakfast, don’t do it. Wait until you’re at home, in a safe space. That way, if it fumbles from your grasp, it can’t go far. Also, avoid removing your ring in public restrooms. While it’s tempting to take it off when reaching for the soap, it’s just not worth the risk. You could easily bump it down the drain, or walk out without picking it up. If you’re out and about, keep the ring on!

Do remove it for hands-on activities

On the other hand, there are times when you should take your engagement ring off. Outdoor sports and activities, such as swimming or cycling, increase the risk of losing or scratching your precious bling. The same goes for household activities. If you’re getting your hands dirty out in the garden or plunging them into a sink full of dirty dishes, remove your ring and place it somewhere safe. It’s a good idea to keep a ring box handy for such occasions.

Keep it sparkling

Lastly, look after your engagement ring with regular maintenance. Daily life and frequent use can take the sparkle out of your bling. Take it back to the jewellers for a professional clean at regular intervals (don’t forget to do this before the big day). The jeweller will also be able to inspect your ring for any wear and tear and make sure the diamonds are all secure. Don’t forget, if you’re cleaning your ring at home, never do it over the sink.

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