Choosing your autumn wedding colour palette

Are you planning an autumn wedding? There is something quietly spectacular about the soft, warm glow of autumn. The rich browns, deep reds, gorgeous warm yellows and oranges. The colour opportunities are endless. An autumn wedding lends itself to infinite colour palettes. Take inspiration from nature with natural earthy tones, go bold with contrasting colours, or pair the warmth of autumn with soft muted hues. Are you searching for the perfect colour palette for your autumn wedding? We’ve put together some of our favourite colour schemes:




Do you want a pretty, romantic colour palette for your autumn wedding? Look no further than the heavenly hues of lavender. The beautifully delicate shades range from pinkish-purple to blueish-indigo. This colour palette pairs perfectly with the trendy greenery and a woodsy background, adding a touch of class. Enhance the romantic atmosphere with twinkling fairy lights.

Dusty yellow and maroon

Embrace the colours of autumn with this stunning colour scheme. This rich, earthy palette reflects the soul of the changing leaves with its muted (yet still striking) yellow and deep maroon. These colours lend themselves to gorgeous floral displays. Wow with a large bouquet of yellows and reds (throw in some greyish blues and oranges), the colours will pop against your white dress. These traditional autumn colours will never go out of style. Add some bark and rustic elements to accentuate the theme.



Berry tones

Are you looking for an elegant, dreamy colour palette with a romantic, bohemian ambience? Berry tones are all the rage. This eye-catching, vibrant colour scheme with its range of pinks, purples, and reds is refreshing and versatile. Pair your darker tones with touches of gold for a sophisticated black tie affair or choose bright cranberry and raspberry hues for a radiant display of happiness. Bright berry tones also mix beautifully with softer, muted shades, such as blackberry and peach.

Dusty blue and burnt orange

This graceful, vintage-style colour scheme is a perfect twist on the traditional autumn colours – ideal for the bolder bride wanting unique, memorable wedding. The elegant, muted tone of dusty blue softens the distinctive burnt orange without dampening its bold nature. Lighter and darker shades of grey and blue are the perfect accents to this colour palette. Throw in a touch of ivory for a refreshing lightness. Floral arrangements, in particular, suit this bold colour scheme. If you’re looking for a colour palette with “wow” factor, this one is for you.


Peach and green

Do you love the soft shades associated with spring but have your heart set on an autumn wedding? Delicate peach paired with soft sage is an enchanting colour scheme perfect for an autumn wedding. This subtle, gentle palette blends harmoniously with the earthy tones of the autumn foliage. Understated elegance is guaranteed with this vintage, ethereal pairing of colours.

Copper brown and sage green

If you’re looking for an autumn colour palette that exudes elegance and class then you should consider copper brown and sage green. This inspirational colour pairing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor weddings and integrates seamlessly with the natural colours of autumn. Fresh greenery works perfectly with this colour scheme, along with neutral shades and diverse succulents. Accentuate these colours with ivory and peach for a lifting, elegant combination of colours.


No wedding is complete without a colour scheme. Your chosen shades will tie every aspect of the day together, from the decor to flowers to the bridal party ensemble. Whether you opt for traditional autumn hues, bold berries, or unique colour pairings, your autumn wedding is sure to be a success. Host your autumn wedding at Collisheen. Our two venues, Boma and Orchid House, look gorgeous dressed in any colour. Contact us for a quote.