Becoming more and more popular, amongst our South African foodies, is the indulgence of spending an afternoon sipping on some sweet tea and nibbling on heavenly snacks. It’s a lovely way to spend a couple hours of relaxation with friends and family.

High Tea Was Born

High tea was traditionally a much heartier, simpler affair. The British tradition began in the mid 1700s. It started as an afternoon meal, usually served between 3 and 4 o’clock and was initially a meal for the working man. The meal was taken standing up or sitting on tall stools – thus it was called ‘high’ tea.

Gradually, this afternoon meal became known as an important event on the social calendars of Ladies and Gentlemen. High tea served a practical purpose, where ladies and gents would gather for the opportunity to enjoy a meal before attending the theatre, or playing cards.

Today the high tea is known as a leisurely, relaxing affair for those who love scrumptious food, delicious tea and conversational company.

High Tea Etiquette

Before you step into the world of leisure, we want to offer some advice on general high tea etiquette. These tips will have you feeling confident and ready to fully embrace the recreational activity.

The question of whether to pour in your milk first or not is surprisingly one worth asking. Some will say that milk should be poured in first, but this is simply as a result of people who once drank their tea out of uncured clay mugs. It was feared the boiling tea would crack the mug. Nowadays, many people do it the other way around. It’s really up to your personal preference.

When enjoying your afternoon getaway, take care when you are stirring your tea, being sure to not stir too vigorously. Afterwards, place your teaspoon on the saucer, staying clear of tapping it on the cup. Some of the other guests may not like the loud noise you make when you do this. Once your tea is ready to drink, you can begin nibbling on the delish treats that are on offer. Although dunking our delicious biscuits might be tempting, it is not really the way we do things at a high tea.

A smart casual dress code is perfectly acceptable attire for an afternoon high tea, however the opportunity to whip out your pearls, jackets and floral frocks can be quite fun!

Lastly, remember to not take yourself too seriously – there is no need to stick your pinky out. Just enjoy yourself, relax and laugh a little. And add some more whipped cream to that scone while you’re at it.

A Cup Of Leisure

Birthdays and special occasions are a wonderful reason to celebrate with a fancy tea. The afternoon will be made up of delicate savoury treats and sweet indulgences. Think anything from scones, cupcakes and pastries to crackers and canapes.

It is a wonderland of delight and feasting. While you peck on some tasty treats, you will begin to unwind while chatting with your family and friends. High tea is always an event to remember!

Keep an eye out for the Collisheen High Tea coming soon …