Indoor vs outdoor: Which wedding is right for you?

One of the biggest decisions when planning your dream wedding is choosing whether you’re going to opt for an indoor or outdoor wedding. While both options come with their own advantages and disadvantages, the possibilities are endless when it comes to turning either one into the wedding of your dreams.


Outdoor weddings

If you love nature and the outdoors, and can’t think of anything more perfect than being married under the big blue sky, then an outdoor wedding could be the one for you. With the beauty of spring all around us, there are plenty of reasons why an outdoor wedding would appeal to any bride. Who wouldn’t want to get married surrounded by the growth of new flowers and bright spring colours? The Collisheen’s two wedding venues both have beautiful picturesque gardens for the perfect outdoor wedding. Here are some things to take into consideration when planning your outdoor wedding.

Outdoor wedding pros

Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of an outdoor wedding is the beautiful natural scenery. It’s hard to beat the beauty and elegance nature has to offer, and the natural lighting will make for dazzling wedding photographs. An outdoor venue pairs perfectly with natural decor and will also help you save on decor costs, as the natural beauty of the landscape and gardens will go a long way in helping create a magical atmosphere. If formal weddings aren’t your cup of tea and you prefer a more whimsical, laidback environment, then an outdoor wedding is ideal for a relaxed, casual wedding vibe.  

Outdoor wedding cons

Mother nature is one of the biggest disadvantages of an outdoor wedding as you simply cannot control the weather. You need to take the seasons into account as some are more prone to rain than others and no one wants to get drenched on their wedding day. To combat the weather you might have to look at the extra costs of hiring a tent or having a backup plan if the weather looks set to ruin your outdoor dreams. The other extreme of the weather is the heat and humidity, unlike an indoor venue which can have fans or air-conditioning, there is nothing to alleviate the heat or humidity outdoors, so don’t forget to consider your guests comfort when planning your venue. Another unfortunate downside to an outdoor wedding is unwanted guests in the form of bugs. Mosquitos and other bugs are more than likely to crash your special day so you might need to make some preparations to keep the bugs at bay.

Indoor weddings

An indoor wedding is perfect for the bride who likes to be on top of all the finer details and eliminates the uncertainties that arise with the unpredictability of weather. Opting for an indoor wedding allows you more control over your environment and has the added benefit of being suitable all year round. Both The Boma and The Orchid House, Collisheen’s two wedding venues, provide an exquisite setting for your dream indoor wedding. Not sure if an indoor wedding is for you? Here are some factors to take into consideration when planning your indoor wedding.

Indoor wedding pros

An indoor wedding ensures that you won’t have any issues with the weather and your guests will be comfortable come rain or shine, no matter the season. With an indoor wedding, the venue provides a blank canvas which can be decorated in any number of ways to reflect the bride’s ideal setting, the options are endless when it comes to decor. If you’re wanting an intimate environment, an indoor wedding, with your guests all cosy in one room, will definitely help you achieve a sufficient level of intimacy, without any exterior distractions.

Indoor wedding cons

Indoor weddings, while more controllable, are not without their disadvantages. Indoor venues come with space constraints and the maximum capacity of the venue might limit the number of guests you were planning on inviting. While being able to decorate to your heart’s content might be an advantage, the costs of decorating a blank space could end up being a lot higher than you were originally budgeting for. Depending on the space, having the wedding indoors might restrict your photographer’s movement when trying to capture the perfect shot, and poor lighting will result in your photographer having to use more flash photography than natural light. Indoor venues are also a lot higher in demand, meaning you will have to choose and book your venue early to avoid any disappointments.

Whether you’ve decided on having your wedding indoors or outdoors, your special day will be utterly magical. Luckily for the bride with her heart set on the Collisheen Estate, our gorgeous venues, The Boma and The Orchid House, and their beautiful gardens allow us the option to offer you the choice of either an indoor or outdoor wedding.