Orchid House at Collisheen Estate is complete with its very own bridal salon, chapel, full reception facilities, picturesque gardens and extensive parking. The chapel at Orchid House is open plan and offers a garden feel ceremony, seating 60 guests inside and a total of 120 guests in the wing of the chapel. In the event of inclement weather, blinds are rolled down to protect guests, yet still give you that garden ceremony feel. You also have the choice of hosting your ceremony in the garden for both Traditional and Christian Weddings. This wedding venue will have your guests in awe at the surrounding beauty and tranquility and is sure to make your special day one to remember.Orchid House is a 150 square meter open-sided building which can accommodate up to 120 guests with a dance floor – perfect for a more intimate wedding or function. The venue overlooks the picturesque garden, which is full of fairy light wonder.

"Collisheen Estate understands the assignment! Their staff are on an unbeatable level of excellence. The atmosphere was 10/10, the attention to detail, the communication was clear, the commitment, the integrity, the passion for what they do and the respect they have for their staff and everyone just blew us away."


We pride ourselves on perfection in every meal served to our guests


Escape to the serene beauty of Orchid House's outdoor garden at Collisheen Estate. Tucked away amidst lush greenery and fragrant blooms, our outdoor space offers a tranquil oasis for your celebration. Picture-perfect pathways wind through the garden, leading to secluded nooks and charming hideaways. Orchid House's outdoor area sets the stage for romance and enchantment. Welcome to a world where every moment is infused with the magic of the great outdoors.


Step into the intimate elegance of Orchid House at Collisheen Estate. With its charming interiors and understated sophistication, our indoor space offers a cozy retreat for your special day. Soft lighting illuminates the room, casting a warm glow on the delicate floral accents and elegant décor. Orchid House's indoor area provides a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable moments. Welcome to a place where love blooms in every corner.