The bridal party: How to choose your team

It’s you, your partner and those closest to you. There’s nothing more beautiful than a wedding. Although the flowers, the dress and the three-tiered cake make the day special, it’s the people you share it with that matter the most. And, after the love of your life, there’s no group of people more special than your bridal party. They are with you every step of the way. So, naturally, choosing the right crowd to stand beside you is a big deal. But how do you make up your mind? Our five top tips should help:

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5 Tips to help you pick your bridal party

1. Take your time to think about it

Choosing your bridal party is a big decision. Not only will your wedding crew stand up with you on the big day, but they will be your support system during the busy planning phase beforehand. When it comes to picking your party, you want bridesmaids and groomsmen you can rely on to have your back. As excited as you are about sharing this special occasion with your favourites, it doesn’t hurt to put some serious thought into the decision. Depending on the length of your engagement, give yourself a couple of months to consider your shortlist. You’ll know deep down who’s meant to be up there with you. Once you’re ready, you can go ahead and pop the question – your friends will be just as excited as you are.  

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2. Think about your wedding size

You can have as many or as few bridesmaids and groomsmen as you want, it is your day after all. But, if you’re struggling to narrow down the selection, use the size of your wedding as a guideline. For intimate weddings with smaller guest lists, it’s advisable to opt for a smaller bridal party – no more than four. But if you’re planning a grand affair with loads of guests, feel free to add to your wedding squad. Don’t forget, the bigger your team, the more there is to organise – gifts, dresses for the girls, suits for the boys, it all adds up. 

3. Include your family members

No matter what, your family will always have your back. They were there when you and your partner met, and they will still be there when you celebrate your tenth wedding anniversary. You’re stuck with them (in a good way). Even if it’s not a bridesmaid or groomsman role, you should try to include your siblings in some way. Whether you put them in charge of ushering the guests or helping with set up, they will appreciate being a part of the proceedings.

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4. Be honest with your expectations

We know. Planning a wedding comes with a long checklist of tasks leading up to the big day. Your bridal party are there to help you get stuff done and ensure your special day runs smoothly. When it comes to handing out the jobs, be honest and realistic with your expectations. Whether you need constant back-up or you’ve got it all covered, let your team know well in advance what their roles are. There’s no doubt they will want to get involved – they are your besties, after all.

5. Forget the rules and have fun

The most important rule of wedding planning is that there are no rules, even when it comes to your bridal party. The bride’s best friend is a guy? The groom couldn’t imagine standing up without his sister? No stress. Whether you want a man of honour or a best woman, it’s up to you. Whoever you couldn’t imagine your big day without, that’s who you choose to stand next to you – regardless of gender. 

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Your wedding is all about sharing your love with your favourite people. If it doesn’t conform to traditional preconceptions, that’s completely fine. As long as you and your partner (and your crew) have fun, that’s all that matters.

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