Wedding Trends in 2017

The new year brings in new ideas for all things wedding! From colours and decor to even the outfit of the bride-to-be, we have found the hottest trends for your 2017 wedding, keeping it sophisticated and stylish and a day you will never want to forget.


The Pantone Colour of 2017 is continuing to pop up in the Wedding scene this year. Greenery, along with other shades of the colour, is replacing florals with minimalistic flora. In its simplicity, this style allows the bride and groom to take the center stage, where florals could detract the attention away from the lovely couple.
The shiny undertones of metallics are also going to be a hit in 2017. Colours like rose gold, copper and pewter add elements of whimsy and a pop of the dramatic to any neutral wedding decór. Guests will be left with an ambiance of romance with this colour scheme.


Pregaming cocktails are fast becoming a thing in the wedding scene. Cocktails are starting to flow before the ceremony part of a wedding, letting your guests relax and sip on their drinks while they watch you tie the knot.
All of this cocktail sipping is going to lead to many hours on the dance floor. Dancing the night away may leave your guests feeling a bit hungry, or even just peckish. The emerging food trend of this year is going to be a range of late night snacks that could satisfy anyone’s munchies. Doughnuts, cheese or even coffee is expected to be popular – especially amongst your guests.

Bridal Outfits

Minimal makeup is a great way to let your natural beauty shine through on your special day. Glowing skin and a light dust of a healthy rosy blush is the new trend for the beautiful and confident bride. The crown has made a comeback in the accessory department of a bride’s ensemble. Paired with a stunning veil, the tiara adds a sophisticated, elegant and timeless twist.


Wedding couples and photographers alike are opting for in-the-moment candid shots, taking a twist on traditional photojournalism. These photographs are being chosen over the perfectly posed and stylised, because of the emotion connected with the photos.

Day-after shoots are also becoming popular for couples, where more relaxed and natural posing is easier to achieve. The pressure of the BIG day is finally over, and the lovely couple is able to spend some time enjoying a special moment together. It is also a great idea to do a day-after shoot if you are shooting at a location that is different to the one of your wedding.

Whatever trends you choose for your special day this year, make sure they are what YOU want and not what you are being told to do. It is your day after all and it needs to be unique to YOU and not to anyone else. Make your own trends if you don’t like any others, and hey, you may just be the trendsetter for 2018 😉