4 Natural wedding confetti ideas for the eco-conscious couple

Everyone knows the party begins when the bride and groom exit the ceremony and step out into a flurry of wedding confetti. There’s something symbolic in the joyous swirl of colourful petals raining down on the happy couple. It’s the crowning moment, the first celebration as the newly appointed Mr and Mrs – and let’s not forget the gorgeous photo opportunities. It’s one of the wedding traditions included in almost every couple’s special day, and the guests love it. Back in the day confetti took the form of rice or grains, symbolising prosperity. Nowadays people think paper or glitter when the word ‘confetti’ arises. But, for the eco-conscious couple, synthetic materials aren’t an option.  

Luckily, when it comes to natural wedding confetti, the options are endless (and often far prettier than sparkly paper). Here are some of our favourite biodegradable ideas that won’t harm the environment.

Flower petals

Pretty, delicate and still a traditional option for those not keen on straying too far from the norm. Stepping out into a shower of soft flower petals oozes romance. Not only does this natural wedding confetti idea look spectacular in photographs, but it adds a touch of understated elegance. Many couples go straight for the rose petals, but there’s no limit to your creativity here. Depending on your preferences and wedding palette, the possibilities are endless from the colour choice down to the type of petal. You can also decide between fresh or dried flowers – charming no matter which you choose.


If you love nature, this wedding confetti alternative is right up your aisle. Birdseed is a fantastic wildlife friendly option and still considered traditional, being a grain. Whether your feathered friends find it straight away or save the feast for later, a scattering of seeds won’t cause any harm to the natural surroundings of your chosen venue. There are also plenty of creative ways to package handfuls of birdseed to add a personal touch to your special day.

wedding confetti


Dainty and fragrant, dried lavender buds make a popular choice of wedding confetti. This delicate option is light and easy to throw, and unlikely to hit the bride or groom too hard. No one wants to get knocked out by their confetti. Whether you opt for the iconic purple shades or a neutral cream, the buds have an attractive way of landing in the bride’s hair. Couples aren’t limited to lavender, either. There’s a range of sweet-smelling herbs which work equally well, such as rosemary, thyme, and chamomile. Many herbs have symbolic meaning too, perfect for couples wanting to personalise the moment.

wedding confetti


Regardless of the season, the world never runs dry of leaves. If you’re looking for wedding confetti that’s natural and affordable (free if you’re willing to collect them yourself), this trendy option is for you. The perfect fit for a wedding focused on greenery, olive and eucalyptus leaves are stylish foliage choices. While autumn weddings have the benefit of the warm range of seasonal tones found in the falling leaves. For the more creative brides, you can even turn your foliage into traditional looking confetti by punching circles or shapes out of the leaves. Time-consuming, but well worth the effort.

No matter which wedding confetti you choose, it’s sure to look gorgeous, especially if you’ve chosen a picturesque venue. At Collisheen, we have two beautiful options – The Boma and Orchid House. If you’d love to say you ‘I dos’ in one of our charming chapels, or scenic gardens, give us a call to arrange a viewing.