Planning the perfect wedding for a large guest list

Do you have your heart set on a big wedding? Whether you and your partner come from large families, have a mass of friends or couldn’t bear to leave anyone out, there’s no reason to narrow down the guest list if a big to-do is right up your alley. After all, the more the merrier – right? There’s plenty of joy to go around when all your favourite faces are in the crowd. We’ve got four useful tips to help you plan the perfect wedding without leaving any names off the list.

perfect wedding

Budget wisely

Every bride dreams of her perfect wedding – the cascading dress, gliding down the aisle, dancing in a halo of twinkling lights. But, once he pops the question, bringing your daydream to life requires planning. To start, you’ll need to determine a budget. Many crucial decisions depend on how much you’re willing to spend, especially if you’re planning a large wedding. It’s a simple matter of prioritising your needs and wants. A great idea to help keep your budget under control is deciding on the must-haves (perhaps it’s a top photographer or a seven-course meal), and ranking the rest accordingly.

Iron out the logistics

One thing to remember when inviting a large number of people to your wedding is travel. Organising a high volume of guests between different locations can end up being a nightmare. The easiest solution for a big wedding is to have the ceremony and reception at the same venue. This way, your guests only have to make their way to one destination. Luckily, we have the perfect wedding venues at Collisheen. Both our options provide everything you need to host your entire wedding from start to finish.

perfect wedding

Don’t forget to do the rounds

While your guests understand weddings are often a blur, they are there to celebrate you and expect to exchange at least a few words at some point in the day. No matter how many guests you invite, you should make the time to meet and greet everyone, even if only for a few minutes. A great way to ensure everyone has a chance to share some quality time with you and your partner is by visiting each table at the reception.

Pick the perfect wedding location

When it comes to planning a big wedding, you want your guests to feel comfortable and relaxed, not cramped and claustrophobic. At Collisheen, we have the perfect wedding venue for couples with a long guest list – The Boma. Surrounded by a tranquil sea of rustling sugar cane, The Boma’s reception area comfortably accommodates up to 400 guests, including room for a dance floor. Not to mention the picturesque gardens, which provide ample space for your guests to spread out and mingle. The venue also boasts a private chapel and bridal salon, allowing couples to host their perfect wedding in one convenient (and beautiful) location.

Do you want to host your perfect wedding at The Boma? Give us a call to arrange a time to come and view our charming sugar estate, you can take a peek at our wedding packages in the meantime.