Best blooms: Tips for a good wedding bouquet

The collective contribution of all the details at a wedding will culminate in the beautiful event you hope people will remember one day. The bouquet is on one of the finer details with the power to add a delicate charm to the occasion, and the bridal ensemble.

The bride’s bouquet has been called the most important bridal accessory. It is the floral detail that will precede her as she walks down the aisle, to meet the man of her dreams at the altar. If the right flowers are chosen, her bouquet can be preserved to last a lifetime, giving her a keepsake of her big day to look back on, even in the golden years in later-life.


One of the most important considerations to take into account when you are deciding what kind of flowers to have in your bouquet is the seasons. Nothing is more disappointing than planning your perfect bouquet for a summer wedding only to find that you can’t have Amaryllis flowers in it because they only flower in winter.

The safest plan is to go with flowers that bloom all year. There are beautiful varieties to choose from in a wide array of colours. There exist quite a few rose species that bloom all year, and roses really are the best known symbol of love in the world of flowers. If you are keen on something unique, freesias, carnations, and succulents also blossom all year and make wonderful additions to a bouquet.


A florist will be able to guide you with colour choices. Flowers often have undertones which are not apparent to those of us who were not trained to see them. If you are on a tight budget, less can be so much more with a monochrome theme. Choosing white as your floral colour gives you lots of room for creativity; you can include lilies, white roses, baby’s breath and orchids in your bouquet ideas, which are all white.

Try to keep your bouquet in-line with the colour theme you have chosen for your wedding. Your bouquet can match the centrepieces and floral decorations of the event too, if you want them to.

Consider your bouquet

Decide on what size bouquet you want to carry down the aisle. This plays a large role in choosing what flowers you will be using. Design your bouquet to be smaller than your waist, to maintain a flattering compliment to your figure. The bouquet should add to your look, rather than dominate it. Keep it simple rather than overbearing. Off-white and brightly coloured wedding gowns are very popular at the moment. In order to ensure that your flowers match the dress, take a sample of your dress with when you visit your florists. Sometimes, two colours might work well together in your mind, but once you see them next to each other you realise they really clash. The same goes for bridesmaids and matching their gowns with their bouquets. If the focus and detail of your dress is on the skirt, steer away from bouquets with a trail.

Carrying your bouquet with grace

On the day you might feel nervous and a little flustered. This might make you hold your bouquet higher. Have your maid of honour remind you to hold your bouquet at hip level, and with one hand. This allows your silhouette to still be visible and prevents your shoulders from hunching. Carrying your bouquet higher also tends to raise your shoulders and will drown you in petals, from a visual standpoint. Remember to take a deep breath in, and feel the air carry all the nervousness out with it as it leaves your lungs before you take that first step down the aisle.

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