Bridal bouquets: Trending wedding flowers

A bride’s look isn’t complete without a gorgeous bouquet of blooms in her arms. Flowers are an integral part of the wedding day. From the bridal bouquets to the decor, there’s nothing more lifting than a beautiful bunch of flowers. As the wedding trends fluctuate from year to year, so do the flowers that go with them. The opportunities are endless when it comes to picking the best blooms. We’ve put together the top wedding flower trends to help you choose:



Succulent bridal bouquets


The popularity of succulents is on the rise. These diverse, fleshy plants have become a favoured choice when decorating the home, but they are making their way onto the wedding scene. Succulents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from tight rosettes to cascading vines, beautiful and intricate. They add texture and diversity to bridal bouquets, either alone or complementing other flowers. After the wedding, your succulent bouquet won’t go to waste – repot your plants and decorate the home. Mini succulents also make excellent wedding favours.


Wild and free


The wild, natural look is a trend very much in demand at the moment. This look steers away from the matching, pristine traditional bouquet and opts for natural, organic blooms. The idea is to use flowers that look as if they could have been handpicked from the garden that very morning. A wild garden bouquet is soft and carefree, while still casually elegant. This style is perfect for a woodsy, vintage vibe.



Cascading ferns


The trend of greenery is still going strong. Natural and effortless, greenery can be seen everywhere from the bridal bouquets to table decor. Ferns are a beautifully whimsical element to add to your bouquets. From boho chic to wild and rustic, a cascade of ferns falling from your arms is guaranteed to appear magical and timeless. Ferns are said to represent fidelity and sincerity, the perfect sentiments for your special day.


Bold and bright


Don’t be afraid to embrace colour on your wedding day. Let your bouquet pop with colour. Bold, bright blooms are becoming increasingly popular. Think hot pink, confident yellow, vibrant purples, and bright reds. The dazzling display of colour will stand out brilliantly against your white dress, directing all eyes on you. Bold colours are a fabulous choice for spring and summer weddings, especially for bright, bubbly brides.  



Moody foliage


Dark, moody florals are the trend for the 2018 wedding season.  Deep, dramatic colours are finding their way into bridal bouquets, and they look breathtaking. Moody textured foliage, dark purples, and shades of burgundy. Create edgy, romantic bouquets that are confident and modern. A moody colour palette works beautifully for a fall or winter wedding.


Herbaceous bridal bouquets


Fragrant, delicate herbs are an alluring, natural option for your beautiful bouquet. In the Victorian era, brides carried handfuls of herbs as the walked down the aisle, each of them symbolic in meaning. Yet, there’s nothing old-fashioned about this tradition. Herbs, while no longer chosen for their symbolism, provided scented, organic foliage fitting for any bride. Pick sweet-scented lavender or fresh mint, or choose a flowering herb for a hint of colour.



Whether you are a whimsical bride or bold and bright or looking for a boho-chic vibe, the options are endless when it comes to your bridal bouquet.

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