garden weddings

Garden weddings: Celebrate summer love at Collisheen

Romantic garden weddings are on an upward trend for the summer months, offering a memorable wedding experience. For the couple who loves nature, what can be better than saying ‘I do’ under the open skies? Warm sun on your face, light breeze through your hair and a backdrop of uplifting greenery – magical. In fact, at Collisheen, you can forgo the chapel and indoor venue and host your entire wedding out in the gardens. (Luckily, with our unique design, your wedding can move indoors in the event of inclement weather and still have a garden wedding feel.) It’s the ideal choice for couples wanting a lunch or brunch event, but it’s equally charming at night. Can you picture a sky full of stars and twinkling fairy lights in the trees? We can, and it’s utterly enchanting!

garden weddings

Four reasons to choose a garden wedding

Are you wondering if a garden wedding is for you? Can you imagine standing in front of family and friends overlooking a green lawn, nestled in an original sugar farm? Listening to the gentle hum of nature while you gaze deeply into each other eyes? If you’re nodding in fervour at your screen, a Collisheen wedding out in the open is tailor-made for you. The fresh air, leafy green trees and elegant country chic are sure to create a memorable atmosphere. Walking down an aisle of grass beneath the heavens offers the unique experience of both space and intimacy. You can’t deny, there’s something distinctly personal about declaring your love to the whispers of the rustling sugar cane. Intrigued? Here are four reasons our garden weddings are the perfect summer alternative:

1. The natural decor is on point

The inherent beauty of nature provides the best natural decor. Avenues of trees, textured shrubbery and a pop of blue in the sky – there’s little need for anything else when you choose to wed in our gardens. Whether you dress it up or keep the furnishings minimal, you can’t go wrong with Collisheen’s outdoor canvas. The garden swing, elegant gazebo and bubbling water feature take care of the finishing touches, setting the scene for your special day perfectly. And, there’s no better way to set a romantic mood in the evening than with the soft glow of string lighting.

garden weddings

2. Every style goes with garden weddings

The organic simplicity of a Collisheen garden wedding lends itself to any style. Whether you want a luncheon harvest table or a formal, star-lit dinner, we can tailor-make a package to suit your dream. Opting to host your wedding outdoors also allows freedom in your dress code. Casual, cocktail, black tie – no attire looks out of place amidst the greenery. And, when it comes to entertainment, the options are endless. Let your guests sip G&T’s by the water feature, float under the trees on the swing, or delight in giant Jenga on the grass. You can’t go wrong amusing your guests with lawn games (included in your Collisheen wedding package) while you sneak off for your creative shoot.

3. The photo opportunities are endless

Speaking of creative shoots, let’s not forget the excellent photo opportunities that come with garden weddings at Collisheen. The ambient lighting and our outdoor setting will delight your photographer to no end. Morning and late afternoon lighting, in particular, creates a soft, warm glow that will leave you spellbound. Without question, the golden rays filtering though Collisheen’s gorgeous greenery and creative shoots in the panoramic cane fields will leave you with captivating wedding photos you’ll treasure for years to come.  

garden weddings

4. Our gardens are exquisite

Garden weddings are a fabulous alternative to hosting your special day indoors. The tranquil ambience is guaranteed to remain in your guests’ memories for years to come. Here at Collisheen, both of our available venues come with picturesque gardens. Whether you opt for The Boma or Orchid House, the rolling lawns and surrounding sugar farm provide a charming backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

Are you ready to book Collisheen for your garden wedding? Get in touch today. We can’t wait to make your special day a dream come true.