spring wedding

Six tips for planning the perfect spring wedding

Spring, the season of new life and growth. It’s the perfect time of the year to embark on a new chapter in your life. With the flowers in full bloom dancing on the breeze and birds serenading from the trees, there’s no time more romantic. If you’re considering a spring wedding, keep reading to discover our six favourite tips for planning the day of your dreams.

Choose the perfect spring wedding venue

Regardless of the season, your venue is one of the biggest decisions when planning a wedding. It sets the whole scene for your special day. When it comes to a spring wedding, you want a versatile venue with both indoor and outdoor options. Spring weather is notoriously unpredictable. One minute the sun is shining joyfully, the next you’re in the middle of a downpour. While a garden wedding may be your first choice, a venue with indoor and outdoor facilities will at least provide back up shelter if Mother Nature doesn’t play ball. Luckily, at Collisheen, both The Boma and Orchid House offer indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies and receptions.

spring wedding

Go bold with your spring wedding palette

Pastels are all the rage for spring weddings but don’t be afraid to broaden your palette. There’s nothing more glorious than a vibrant splash of of colour on a sunny spring day. Bright purple, dazzling yellow, cheerful tangerine – a spring wedding is the perfect occasion for bold tones. Not convinced? Go out into the garden and take inspiration from the blossoming flower beds. The brilliant explosion of colour is sure to inspire. Don’t forget you can always meet in the middle. A bold shade paired with softer hues is a fabulous balance of brightness.  

Pick seasonal blooms

When it comes to seasonal blooms, the options are endless. Spring is a time of new life and growth, providing a generous choice of greenery and fresh florals. Always on trend, greenery is a wonderful way to embrace the natural beauty of the spring landscape and is perfect for table and venue decor. Mixing greenery with your florals will also help your blooms pop. And if you’re worried about your budget, opting for in-season flowers will also help keep your wedding costs down. Daffodils, lavender, hyacinth, sweet pea and azalea are all gorgeous spring bloomers.

spring wedding

Delight in fresh flavours

Your flowers are not the only seasonal delights at your fingertips. There’s an abundance of in-season produce available for the perfect spring menu. With fresh ingredients, your guests are guaranteed a flavourful reception meal. A spring wedding is also a fantastic opportunity to play with refreshing flavours and put a twist on the traditional. Consider a zesty orange or lemon wedding cake, or fruity cocktails before dinner. Whatever you choose, remember, the warmer weather calls for lighter menu choices, so leave the heavy meals back in winter.

Enjoy the flexibility

One of the main perks of a spring wedding is the flexibility it allows. With longer daylight hours, both daytime and evening parties are a possibility. A morning ceremony followed by a festive luncheon is far more appealing on a cheerful spring afternoon than in the chill of winter. Outdoors? Indoors? Have your pick. In spring, the rising temperatures lend to a pleasant midday affair without the humidity of summer to make your guests perspire. Don’t forget to plan for the longer days when mapping out your wedding day schedule. You don’t want to miss those gorgeous sunset photos.

spring wedding

Don’t forget the layers

While the warmer days means shorter hemlines and strapless dresses, there’s still a chill in the evening. No one wants to shiver their way through the speeches. So make sure you and your bridal party are prepared for a drop in temperature. Layer up with wraps, shawls, a pretty blazer – the options are endless.  

Are you planning a spring wedding? Call Collisheen today and tick the venue off your planning list. With picturesque gardens, charming chapels, and full reception facilities, your special day will be everything you ever dreamed and more.