Wedding registry

Your wedding registry: Create a gift list you and your guests will love

It’s an exciting thrill after the rush of your wedding day to come home to a selection of wrapped delights marking the start of your journey together. Who doesn’t love receiving and opening gifts? Especially, if they are items you’ve chosen together to build your perfect home. Arguably, selecting the wedding registry is one of the most enjoyable aspects of planning your special day. But, it can be stressful as well. What should you pick? Is there a correct way to let the guests know? Where do you begin? Don’t be alarmed. It’s a piece of cake. Really. Keep reading to find out just how simple it is.

Wedding registry

9 tips for planning your wedding registry

In most cases, guests don’t want the pressure of guessing what you’d like or need for your home. They need some guidance. Luckily, this comes in the form of the age-old wedding registry. It’s tradition to bestow a token upon the happy couple. Even if you and your partner already have the household basics, there are many ways guests can still contribute, if they want. From decorative items to monetary donations towards the honeymoon, the options are endless. Here are our top nine tips for planning the perfect gift registry.

Start early

Like all things wedding, creating your gift registry takes time. Leaving it until the last minute won’t do you, or your guests, any favours. Realistically, you should aim to have your list complete (and set up) at least four to six months before the big day. Not only does this give your guests plenty of time to buy a wedding gift, but they can also use the registry for engagement and bridal showers.

Make it a joint project

A marriage is a partnership. You and your partner are in this together every step of the way, and that includes picking the wedding registry. After all, you’ll both be using the gifts you receive. Take the time to take stock of what you both already have, what needs replacing and what you still need to complete your household. While it can be tricky combining two people’s tastes and interests, try to single out a selection you both love (along with some individual choices).

Don’t be lazy, go to the store

We know. Online shopping is the epitome of convenience. But don’t be lazy. The best way to select the perfect wedding registry is by actually browsing the stores in person. Sometimes, products end up looking and feeling different from their photographic representations. It’s always a good idea to physically examine the items you’d like to receive. And by all means, once you’ve got a view of what’s on offer, you can go digital. After all, an online registry is convenient for guests to use and makes it easy to track purchases. There’s also far less chance of multiples (inevitably this will happen, but most stores allow exchanges).

Plan ahead

It’s easy to get caught up in the here and now, especially when you’re living in a cloud of engaged bliss. But, don’t forget to think about the future when creating your wedding registry. It may just be the two of you, for the time being, but think about all those dinner parties and family gatherings you have planned. You need more than two of everything to cater for house guests. Don’t forget to list the amount of each item you want on your registry. It’s all very well pointing out a vibrant place setting, but how many do you need? Two? Four? Twenty? Okay, maybe not that many, but twelve is a good number to settle on. That way, if both sets of in-laws pitch up, you’ll be able to seat them all in style.

Wedding registry

Pretty and practical

While you need to select a few functional pieces (we all need pots and pans), there’s no reason they can’t be pretty and practical. Try to include a bit of everything. We all need glassware and crockery, as well as handy household appliances such as kettles and toasters. But, your registry gives you a chance to go a little bolder. Pick that striking plate set or those eye-catching patterns.

It’s not all about the kitchen

Don’t forget to include the rest of the house. There’s no rule limiting your gift choices to the kitchen. If you’re already living together, you can take this opportunity to give your home a refresh. New linen, towels, the cute bedside lamps you’ve had your eye on for a while – go wild.

Create a wedding registry with different price ranges

Be considerate of your guests when putting together your registry, not everyone has the same budget. Make sure you provide a variety of price-points to give your guests options. Don’t be shy to put a few bigger pieces, such as mattresses or furniture on the list. Some guests may want to team up to purchase the pricier items you need. But make sure your list includes a selection of lower priced items for the guests with smaller budgets.

Show your appreciation

Finally, don’t forget to thank your guests. A small note of appreciation goes a long way. Send out thank you cards timeously after the big day, at least within two weeks, but certainly no later than three months.

Wedding registry

The rules of wedding registry etiquette

Although wedding registries are standard practice, asking for gifts is always a tricky subject. While many guests will ask you for information, no one wants to make people feel pressured into getting a gift. As with all things wedding, the registry comes with its own set of rules. One of the biggest ones is where you can mention your wishlist. Traditionally (before the internet) the wedding registry was communicated by word of mouth, usually by the family members. Nowadays, we have custom wedding websites set up with all the need-to-know details. Feel free to mention your registry on the wedding website. You should, however, avoid making any reference to the gift list on your invitation. You’ve invited friends and family to share your special day because they’re important to you, not because you want a present. Your invitation can link guests to the wedding website, but never directly mention the registry.

Now that the wedding registry is sorted, it’s time to book the perfect venue. Here at Collisheen, we’re dedicated to making your special day a magical experience. Take a look at our wedding packages and get a quote today.