Winter Weddings

4 Reasons to have a Winter wedding

Hot chocolate with marshmallows, piping hot soups, full-bodied red wines – what’s not to love about winter? While not the first season to spring to mind when planning your special day, there are plenty of reasons why couples should opt for a winter wedding. This magical time of the year is ripe with cosy, intimate ideas for a memorable event. And when you think about it, winters in South Africa, especially along the coast of KZN, aren’t cold at all, but rather mild, moderate and humidity-free. The afternoons, in particular, are pleasantly warm, providing a comfortable temperature for your big day. Here are our top four reasons to consider tying the knot in winter:

1. The romantic ambience

Is there anything more romantic than cuddling on a chilly day? A winter wedding lends itself to an intimate atmosphere, dripping with romance. Think fairy lights everywhere, an abundance of candles and open fires to congregate around. You could even provide cosy blankets for your guests to huddle under later in the evening when it’s a bit cooler. When it comes to colour palettes and warm, little touches, you can really ramp up the romance for a winter wedding. It will be a whimsical affair from the moment the sun starts to set.

2. Comfort food

Ask anyone who’s ever attended a wedding what they remember most. The food. It’s usually (always) the food. Luckily, when it comes to a winter wedding menu, the doorways wide open for hearty, crowd-pleasing comfort foods. Soups, fall-off-the-bone roasts, mashed potatoes, warm puddings – the opportunities are endless. (At Collisheen, we can tailor-make your perfect winter menu.)

3. The best photo opportunities

It’s no secret – winter has the most amazing lighting. The sun is further away, offering soft, warm rays and a gorgeous orange glow in the afternoons. It’s the perfect time of the year for a magical creative shoot with romantic natural lighting. The afternoon lighting at Collisheen will be sure to leave you with wedding photographs you’ll cherish for years.

4. It’s a perfect time for black tie

Suit up! If you’ve set your heart on an elegant wedding with a formal dress code, winter is the time to host it. The chilly season is by far more fitting for black tie attire. It’s also the ideal occasion for a sophisticated long-sleeve dress and full, floor-length bridesmaid’s gowns.

The Collisheen Winter Wedding experience…

There’s no better place than KZN’s dolphin coast for those planning a winter wedding. After all, Durban is the warmest place to be in South Africa during the chilly season, and Collisheen Estate epitomises warmth. Once winter sets in, the weather settles, offering pleasant sunny days and cool (but not freezing) evenings. While winter is the ideal time to create the perfect indoor wedding, our picturesque gardens remain attractively green for those with a vision of saying their “I do’s” out in the open. And there’s no doubt you’ll have the best photo opportunities, especially with the golden afternoon glow through the sugar cane fields. With two gorgeous venues to choose from, our outstanding kitchen feeding your guests and the option to adorn the trees (and everything else) with twinkling fairy lights, your Collisheen winter wedding will be nothing short of spectacular.

Are you ready to book your winter wedding? Give us a call to schedule a viewing of our venues. And in the meantime, while you’re waiting to come and visit us, take a peek at our wedding packages.