2018 wedding trends

Wedding trends are ever-changing. Every year brings new exciting ideas and details geared to ensure your wedding is the highlight of the year. Are you planning a 2018 wedding? We have the hottest trends you need to know when planning your special day, from colours and decor to the increasingly important menu. Your 2018 wedding will be a sophisticated affair.  


Weddings in 2018 look set to wow with decor. Couples are steering towards highly detailed weddings with unique personal touches, designed to be noticed by guests. Geometric shapes are in this year. The strong structural lines contrast beautifully with soft flowers and natural touches. Terrarium-inspired vases will make show-stopping centrepieces. Hanging floral arrangements are also on the rise. Couples are opting to keep the tables uncluttered and focusing more on ceiling treatments. Hanging flowers make a lovely twist on the more classical arrangements.



Navy is the name of the game this year and is replacing the formal black. ‘Greenery’ was one of the biggest trends in 2017 and it’s still picking up steam, with an emphasis on textured foliage and big flowing bouquets. Weddings are moving away from the rustic look and are going with a more ‘woodsy’ vibe including an abundance of green florals and wooden elements. Metallics are still a hit in 2018, although we’re seeing a change from the popular gold and brass hues. Instead, chrome and silver are coming out on top. Bold colours are making a comeback, especially when it comes to flowers. Leave the pastel tones behind and choose bold, edgy flowers.



Large weddings are a thing of the past. Couples are choosing to go with smaller weddings, inviting only their closest friends and family. These intimate gatherings help cut down the budget, allowing for more money to be spent elsewhere on the items the couple truly desire. Destination weddings are becoming a popular trend with these small-scale wedding celebrations. Spend less on feeding hordes of people and more on a stunning vacation venue where the party can embrace the local cultures.



The dinner menu is becoming more and more important with modern couples. Today’s trends tend to steer away from the traditional three-course meals and focus on unique food experiences. In 2018, the wedding cuisine is less formal, with buffets and DIY food stations becoming increasingly popular. Couples want to share and enjoy the foods they love rather than stick to formal menu options. Food trucks are a relaxed, unique option for the garden-style weddings. Creative desserts are also a hit. Doughnuts (have you considered a doughnut tower wedding cake?), popsicles, and build-your-own creations are just a few of the favoured options.



Remember, your wedding is your special day and should reflect you as a couple. Whether you want to follow the latest trends or pave your own path, the day should be everything you dream it to be. Contact Collisheen Estate to inquire about booking your 2018 wedding.