How to navigate bathroom breaks in a wedding dress

The big day has finally arrived. Months of preparation have gotten you to this point, with every last detail planned to perfection. Almost every detail. As you put on your gorgeous, multi-layered lace creation, you suddenly realise you haven’t figured out how on earth you’re going to accomplish trips to the bathroom throughout the day. Disaster! Your beautiful princess dress (while absolutely breathtaking) requires a team of helpers to get in and out of. Never fear. We’ve put together some tips to help you navigate toilet breaks without ruining your dress:


Schedule toilet breaks


Trips to the bathroom are anything but quick when wearing a wedding dress. Navigating the toilet seat surrounded by volumes of chiffon is not an easy task. Allow plenty of time to pop into the ladies. Setting aside certain times throughout the day is a wise idea. Don’t try squeeze in a trip to the bathroom five minutes before the speeches are planned to start. Allocate yourself between fifteen to twenty minutes for bathroom breaks, this ensures plenty of time to manoeuvre without feeling rushed. The best times to slot in pre-planned bathroom trips are; before leaving for the ceremony, the period between the creative photoshoot and entering the reception, after the toasts. There will be less need for emergency visits to the bathroom if you use your assigned slots. It’s a good idea visit the ladies before putting on your wedding dress and avoid drinking a lot on the morning of the wedding. Limiting your intake of liquids will help reduce the number of times you need to relieve yourself.


Assign a bridesmaid (or two)


Don’t be afraid to ask for help. They vowed to stand beside you on your big day and that includes holding your dress while you pee. Gather your girls to assist with bathroom breaks, especially if you have a large, voluminous wedding gown. A pair of helping hands to hold the layers of your dress and/or train off the ground while you do your business will ensure none of it ends up in the toilet bowl. It may be a tight squeeze, but if you can fit yourself and two bridesmaids into the toilet stall, they can stand either side, holding up your dress while you squat over the toilet seat. Helping the bride comes with the territory, but perhaps let your bridesmaids know their duties include toilet assistance. It might be wise to perform a practice run beforehand to smooth out the logistics.


Plan your approach


Surprisingly, there are a number of ways you can approach the toilet bowl in your wedding dress. The usual method may not be feasible. If your dress has a hoop skirt extending its width, turning around in a bathroom stall is bound to be a tight squeeze. In this case, hoist up the layers of your dress and walk in backwards. This eliminates the hassle of manoeuvring in a small space. Alternatively, you could sit on the toilet backwards, leaving the bulk of your wedding dress safely behind you (your bridesmaids can lift it off the floor if you’re worried about it getting dirty). If your dress is a style which isn’t easy to lift, you may have to step out of it completely to use the toilet. Have your bridesmaids on hand to help keep your dress off the floor and do up any buttons or zips.  


Remove your veil


Don’t forget about your veil. If you have a long veil, the chances of it ending up in the toilet bowl are higher than you think. Remove your veil before taking a trip to the bathroom to avoid getting it wet. If your veil is difficult to remove, ask one of your bridesmaids to hold it up while you go about your business.


Your wedding day should be a magical experience you cherish forever. Don’t let the simple necessity of going to the loo put you in a flap. Wear comfortable, easy to remove underwear and make sure backup is always on hand to hold your dress. Your bridesmaids, mom, sisters, will all be willing to lend a helping hand when the urge strikes. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help. Most importantly, make sure you relax and enjoy your day.



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