Collisheen Estate Bride's Pie 19th Century

Wedding Cake “Did you Knows”

  1. The Most Expensive Wedding Cake Ever Commissioned Cost $30 Million
This cake was made the all famous Buddy Valastro from the TLC hit Cake Boss. The cake was made for NYC socialite Devorah Rose for her Diamond Gala Event. According to reports, $ 30 Million worth of Jewels, including Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies & Diamonds adorned the Cake 🙂
Collisheen Estate Devorah Rose $30 Million Cake
2. Queen Victoria Was One Of The First To Have Pure White Icing On Her Wedding Cake
That is why the icing mix used to decorate cakes with is called “Royal Icing”
Collishen Estate Queen Victoria's Wedding Cake
3. The Groom’s Cake Has Been Around Since The 17th Century
In the 17th century, there were two confections, the Wedding cake and the Groom’s Cake. The Groom’s cake was usually fruitcake and symbolized fertility
Collisheen Estate Groom's Cake
4. It Used To Be Bridal Pie, Not Wedding Cake 🙂
The “Bride’s Pie” was served at most Weddings up until the early 19th Century
Collisheen Estate Bride's Pie 19th Century
5. One Of The Largest-Ever Wedding Cakes Used 10,000 Pounds Of Cake Batter And 4,810 Pounds Of Frosting
One of the largest Wedding cakes ever made in the US was built for the Mohegan Sun Casino at 17 Feet tall and 15,032 ponds in weight.
Collisheen Estate Mohegan Sun Casino Cake
6. White Cakes Symbolize Purity And Virginity
The Bride’s cake was usually a white pound cake covered with white frosting
Collisheen Estate Pound Cake with White Icing
7. Forget The Bouquet Toss, The Next Person To Marry Will Pull A Charm Out Of The Cake !!
In some parts of the US, it was tradition for single women to pull ribbons out from the bottom layer of the Wedding Cake. One of the Ribbons would be attached to a charm, and whoever pulled out the charm would be next to Marry 🙂
Collisheen Estate Charm Wedding Cake pull
8. Single Bridesmaids Put A Slice Of Wedding Cake Beneath Their Pillows
Single Bridesmaid were given a piece of Cake to take home with them, when home they would place the slice under their pillow and they’d dream of their future husband
Collisheen Estate Slice of cake under the pillow
9. The First Wedding Cakes Were Actually Loaves Of Bread
One of the first Wedding Cakes wasn’t actually cake at all, it was bread. In Ancient Rome, bread was broken over the Bride’s head to symbolize good fortune and fertility to the couple
Collisheen Estate Wedding Bread
10. One Of The Tallest Cakes Ever Made was Almost 26 Feet Tall
The tallest cake ever made ( on record ) was 25.65 feet tall. The towering confection consisted of 850 sponge cakes, shaped like cake bricks, glued together with caramel. Unfortunately for its creators, the cake didn’t last long, as it started to lean and eventually fell.
Collisheen Estate Tallest Cake-