Will you be my Bridesmaid / Groomsman ?

Spending your Wedding Day with your Best Friends is one of the very special things about a Wedding 🙂

Collisheen Estate have found our Favorite ways to ask your bestie to stand next to you on your Special Day


For The Ladies in your Life 🙂

Will you be my Birdesmaid  If she lives far away, msg her on SkypeWill you be my Birdesmaid A gorgeous bracelet is always a winnerWill you be my Birdesmaid Time to let them shine by your sideWill you be my Birdesmaid One of our favorite piecesWill you be my Birdesmaid For the Wine drinkers 🙂 Will you be my Birdesmaid Jewellery is a Girls best friend 🙂Will you be my Birdesmaid Share a cup of Coffee with her Will you be my Birdesmaid A box fill of surprises is always a delightWill you be my Birdesmaid

A beautiful scarf with their title is a precious gift that can be kept close to the heart

For The Men in your Life 🙂

4b4649b91a72da333cd907a587f6e121 A stress reliever 🙂6600dfd17907e09f773b6c583304f21b Our favorite choice 🙂205861919c0e1ade1b97b166f92c120b Adding a bit of laughter to your day  f23e808d30e38963f92f3de8bd4c6d52

Brilliant for a night out with the boys and a really awesome way to make them feel appreciated 🙂