Bohemian Wedding

Collisheen Estate Bohemian Cover Pic

We have been keeping an eye on the trends and changes of the season and have found a new trend that we think will take the Wedding Market by storm in 2016 🙂 We have come from Classic to Themed leading into Vintage and now we are going into the Bohemian. Personally I find this […]

Will you be my Bridesmaid / Groomsman ?

Spending your Wedding Day with your Best Friends is one of the very special things about a Wedding 🙂 Collisheen Estate have found our Favorite ways to ask your bestie to stand next to you on your Special Day For The Ladies in your Life 🙂   If she lives far away, msg her on Skype A gorgeous […]

Wedding Cake “Did you Knows”

Collisheen Estate Bride's Pie 19th Century

The Most Expensive Wedding Cake Ever Commissioned Cost $30 Million This cake was made the all famous Buddy Valastro from the TLC hit Cake Boss. The cake was made for NYC socialite Devorah Rose for her Diamond Gala Event. According to reports, $ 30 Million worth of Jewels, including Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies & Diamonds adorned […]

Wedding Cake Trends 2015

Collisheen Estate Lace

Wedding Cakes are an exciting opportunity for the Wedding Couple to express their Love for one another, they have become a popular option to be served with Tea & Coffee after the Chapel Ceremony before Reception. Have a look at some of the trends for 2015 🙂 Naked Weddings Cakes Naked & Rustic cakes are one […]

Father’s On The Wedding Day

Such a special moment in time when a Father gets to see his Daughter for the very last time as is Little girl, one of my most favorite moments at a Wedding is when Dad gets to see his Daughter in her Wedding Dress for the first time and guide her down the aisle 🙂 A […]