Weddings are stressful! After all, it’s the day you’ve been dreaming about your whole life. Your every detail needs to be perfect because ultimately you want to look back on this day and remember it as a fairytale. So we’ve compiled a handy wedding checklist for each month leading up to your wedding, to make sure all the planning is on schedule and hopefully leave you with some time to catch up on your beauty rest.

The essential monthly countdown starts now.

12+ Months wedding checklist

This is only the beginning stages of your planning journey, so be careful to not work yourself up over minor details just yet!

10 – 12 Months to go

And the countdown really begins.

Wedding checklist for 8 – 10 Months to go

6 – 8 Months to go

Only a few months left to go!

 4 – 6 Months to go

Things are getting serious now. It’s time to focus and get to ticking off that wedding checklist’s boxes.

3 Months to go – you’re almost there!

2 Months to go

1 Month Left

The 1 – 2 Week wedding checklist

The Day Before

The Big Day

It’s finally here! Take a deep breath and relax. It’s time to enjoy the day you’ve been planning for so long. It’s time to start your new adventure.