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Wedding Games: Add Some Fun To Your Big Day

A boring wedding is every bride’s worst nightmare.  All newlyweds want to keep the party fun and entertaining – they want their guests to have the best time. What better way to do this than to incorporate wedding games into your party?  Whether it be for kids or adults, some playful entertainment is never a bad idea.


Although wedding games have always existed, you may not have thought of these traditions as games. The bouquet and garter toss, and even having dances – such as the electric slide – on your DJ’s must-play list are all fun little activities to make sure wedding goers have a blast.

Looking for more modern options for your wedding games?  It doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Here’s a list of ideas that are sure to get the party going:

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Giant Jenga

Who doesn’t love Jenga? It’s a lot of fun to try and slip out the bricks and stack them without tumbling down the pile.  Now imagine this classic game, double the size! Giant Jenga can get everyone involved. It’s an awesome activity to have on the beautiful lawns of Collisheen Estate (check out Collisheen’s scenic wedding venues, each with a picturesque setting perfect for outdoor fun).

It’s pretty easy to make these, too, if you don’t mind a visit to your local hardware, cutting lumbar and sanding the rough edges.  Giant Jenga sets can also be purchased if you’re not feeling creative or crafty. For complete rules, you can click here, but we suspect most of your guests won’t need them!

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Fill-in Booklet Fun

Great for the reception tables, these pocket-sized booklets can be filled in by guests with pieces of advice for the bride and groom. These little guys will come in handy for the couple after the wedding ceremony.   Print them up on cardstock and bind them together.  Some topics you could cover include: Date night ideas, name ideas for your first child, and even ways to celebrate your first anniversary.

There may be no real playing involved here, which makes this little idea great for those of your guests who are a bit shy.  Just be sure to leave a pen so everyone can write their advice to you!  

 bride and groom on the beach

He Said She Said Wedding Games

The rules are simple. The bride and groom will need to answer a list of Q’s and A’s.  Include any questions, from “what did you think after your first date?” to “where do you see yourself in 5/20/50 years?”.

Wondering how to play? List the answers on a scorecard, leaving out the he/she pronoun from the answer.  It will go something like this: “This person said the best date was a beach picnic under the stars.”  Your guests now have the say in who they think gave that answer, circling the option they choose – the bride or the groom. Reward the friends and family who know you the best with exciting and quirky gifts.

 Bride and bridesmaid laughing

Dance, dance, dance

Want to get your guests boogying down on the dance floor? Here’s a guaranteed hit. Instead of numbering your tables, assign a song title to each one. When the jam comes on, the whole table has to get up and get dancing. Songs that are fun, upbeat and has everyone singing along are the tunes that get guests breaking out their best dance moves!

Wedding singalong and dancing

Singalong Wedding Games

Partake in a few rounds of karaoke at your celebration! Set up a professional-grade karaoke machine and about six microphones at your reception for after-party entertainment that will make your big day memorable. Bride and groom, include song request slips with your wedding invitations. This will help your DJ build up a winning playlist and gives guests fair warning to warm up their vocal chords because the party requires audience participation.


Wedding games are a natural way to encourage your guests to interact and get involved on your big day – they even double as ice breakers! It’s just a bit of fun to enjoy special moments with your friends and family and create memories that you are sure to look back on.