What’s your wedding cake style?

It’s time for cake! And when it’s your wedding day, you know what that means – cutting a piece with the man or woman of your dreams in front of family and friends. A symbol of true love and unending unity (sigh). But before you start dreaming about that magical day, there are a few things to plan. And one of the most important items is, without a doubt, the wedding cake! With so many delicious flavours to try, the tasting part can be so exciting. Are you a classic vanilla sort of couple? Maybe you want to go with chocolate, or something different like red velvet. Whatever flavour you decide on, we know one thing for sure – you’ll want a cake that not only tastes incredible, but looks amazing too. So what’s your wedding cake style?

wedding cake

8 wedding cake styles we love

Floral delight

Elegant and traditional, a floral wedding cake is a great way to make a statement with colour, and is the perfect complement to a summer wedding. If you love this style, think about how you will decorate your cake with sugar flowers. Will you scatter it with petals? Place a large flower in the centre? Maybe you want to place a pretty bunch on the side. There are so many options, so have fun with it.

Tall and stately

By tall wedding cake, we’re talking tiers upon tiers – a real ‘all eyes on me’ sort of cake. If you’re looking to make a big impression, this is the cake for you. Tall cakes look lovely in pale pastel shades, and can be decorated with fine patterns for a textured effect. 

wedding cake

Naked layers

This style of wedding cake has become more popular in recent years, and acts as a blank canvas (though beautiful on its own) which you can decorate with fruit, flowers or both! Naked cakes have a fresh and light feel to them, and are simply gorgeous in a tea party garden reception. Are you planning a relaxed outdoor wedding? We have two stunning venues that will be just perfect for you.

Painted to perfection

Love a wedding cake with a personal touch? Then why not get creative with edible cake paint? You can do the painting yourself, or hire a cake decorator. A work-of-art wedding cake will wow your guests and be remembered for years to come. 

wedding cake

Metallic masterpiece

Who can resist the charm of a metallic wedding cake? Classy and sophisticated in black tie settings, cakes with a shimmering finish of gold, bronze or silver are hard to miss. And when themed with pops of colour, remain trendy all year round.

Laced and lovely

Planning a vintage-themed wedding? A lace wedding cake would be a nice touch. Refined and elegant, a lace-draped cake will glam up your ceremony and look stunning against a vintage backdrop. 

wedding cake

Thematic surprise 

If your wedding décor is following a specific theme, you can really go to town with the cake. Rustic, garden party, whimsical – you can take your cake style in any direction. And if your cake reflects your theme in a clever and beautiful way, it’s sure to be a talking point among your guests. 

A novel departure 

Your wedding, your rules. So if you want to go off-book and skip the cake altogether, go ahead. You can have a doughnut wall instead, or a cupcake display. And a stack of brightly coloured macarons would be lovely too, wouldn’t it? The options are truly endless with this one. So if you’re up for the challenge, go on, do something original – your guests will love it!

wedding cake

Do you hear wedding bells?

So you’ve got the fiancé, the dress and the wedding party. And now you’ve got some inspiring ideas for a wedding cake too. So what’s left? The venue. 

If you’re planning a wedding and still looking for that perfect venue, we’ve got two gorgeous ones for you to consider. The Boma is the larger venue, and the Orchid House is a more intimate setting for smaller weddings. Interested in making a booking? Get in touch with us today.