4 Reasons we LOVE an intimate wedding celebration

Love is in the air. Can you smell it? The sultry scent of rose petals and wafts of Chanel No.5 – rich, intoxicating aromas of passion. It’s the month of love, and it’s ripe for candlelit dinners and romantic proposals. The sweet serenade of romance is all around us, and what can be more romantic than declaring your undying love in front of your closest friends and family? There’s something personal about an intimate wedding celebration. A small group of your cherished ones gathered to witness your matrimonial vows and toast to your future happiness. Magical! In the spirit of Valentine’s month, we thought we would share the four reasons we love hosting intimate weddings at Collisheen.

1. It’s all about the personal touches

Every couple wants to host a wedding that reflects their love story. Writing your own wedding vows? Individually penned invitations? It’s the personal touches that make a celebration truly unique. When your guest list is bursting at the seams, these little elements are time-consuming to achieve. But, scaling down the size of your special day gives you the chance to focus your energies on the finer details. Whether it’s hand-painted menus and place cards or personalised thank-you gifts, it’s easier to bring it all together for an intimate wedding than a large to-do. As a wedding venue, we love the fact that no two celebrations are the same. It’s always a thrill watching our space transform as each couple’s dream day comes to life.

2. Your guests can share the love

We adore the idea of a cosy affair where everyone feels a part of the experience. It’s the perfect opportunity for all your favourite people to get to know each other. Often, big weddings become a blur of people for the bridal couple. So much time is spent flitting from one group to the other that the bride and groom barely have a minute to stop and enjoy the moment. But, when you opt for a smaller guest list, everyone can share the happy couple’s joy without them feeling like they are leaving anyone out.

intimate wedding

3. Outdoor receptions feel cosy and romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than an intimate wedding reception beneath the trees. Despite the open space of an outdoor setting, garden receptions feel cosy and personal. Can you picture it? You and your closest friends and family, all seated together under the stars. Fairy lights twinkling in the branches above. Glowing lanterns on the table. Dreamy!

Not only can we host your intimate garden wedding at Collisheen, but you also have the option of adding atmospheric lighting to your package. From string lights on the trees to garden lights, and even charming outdoor fireplaces, your wedding will ignite with passion. (Not sure if an outdoor wedding is for you? Our garden wedding blog can help you decide.)

4. You can indulge in an elaborate menu

Realistically, one of the biggest expenses of any wedding is the food. Whether you have your heart set on a three-course dinner or a harvest table brimming with edible delights, the cost of feeding over a hundred mouths has a habit of escalating. With so many different vendors to pay, sometimes a couple’s dream menu becomes one of the compromises. But, when planning an intimate wedding, you have more freedom and flexibility to indulge in a few choice menu upgrades. Personalised cocktails? Wine pairings with each course? A gourmet dessert trio? Your menu is your oyster. A smaller guest list makes a memorable dining experience far more attainable.

At Collisheen, the menus on our wedding packages are entirely customizable. We’re happy to create a personal menu for your special day.

Choose our intimate wedding venue

The perfect venue plays a big part in creating a memorable atmosphere for your romantic, intimate wedding. We can happily offer couples The Orchid House, a gorgeous venue for smaller wedding parties. Surrounded by a sea of rustling cane fields, this original homestead oozes charm and is the ideal size for a cosy gathering. With a private chapel, personal bridal salon and reception facilities overlooking the picturesque gardens, it’s exclusive and tranquil.  

Are you ready to book your intimate wedding venue? Get in touch for a quote. If you want a taste of what you’re wedding could look like, have a peek at previous Collisheen weddings on our social media pages.